November 17, 2017

Ten months ago I heard, "Research like this hasn't been done before which is exciting for us..."

Six months ago I thought, "I'm not qualified for this - why don't I just transcribe instead?"

Two months ago I felt, "Wow! we are actually getting somewhere!"

Today, I am more sure than ever that the research we produce will advance higher education and how we think about and foster inclusive campus climates.

January 2017

I remember sitting in...

November 15, 2017

This essay will trouble conceptions and manifestations of sexist norms through the hashtags #MenAreTrash and #MeToo, a critique of toxic masculinity, and include my personal metacognitive approach to dismantling the patriarchy.

November 14, 2017

Same name, yet a different sentiment. At least that’s what comes to my mind as I try to sort through the current free speech movement occurring on college campuses nationwide. It feels icky to me. In my view, conservative pundits have been utilizing the free speech movement to push their view, and highlighting the alleged hypocrisy of liberal students on campuses. But something seems off to me. I’m going to try and explain it in this blog post, I...

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